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Video Review of Chin Augmentation with Voluma

My first name’s Lexi and I had one syringe of Voluma in my chin. You know, actually, I came in to find out about my underneath my chin. I didn’t like having the fat under my chin. It felt like it was fat under my chin. And instead of you know, it was ‘Can I… [Read More]

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Mommy Makeover & Ultimate Silhouettplasty Story

We asked Jessica as many questions as we could that other patients have for us before plastic surgery. This is part one of two of our full interview with her. Questions include 1) Why did you choose a mommy makeover? 2) How did you find S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS? 3) What made you choose… [Read More]

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Jessica’s Mommy Makeover & Ultimate Silhouettplasty

Jessica is a mother of five beautiful children. After her third child, she knew she would likely need surgery to get her body back to what it looked like before children. Now that her pregnancies are over and her youngest if five, she and her husband agreed this was the right time to consider surgery…. [Read More]

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How Mommy Makeover Surgery Changed Tammy’s Life

Tammy explains what happened not just physically, after her Mommy Makeover procedure but how it improved her relationship with her kids. “The kids just noticed that I’m just, I’m happier and more…like I’ll play with them more outside like in the pool in a swimsuit, right. Because I’m not constantly worried. And I know this… [Read More]

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Why Women Can’t Get A Flat Tummy After Pregnancy

The issue that I was having of a separation of abs from pregnancy is so common and it’s something that’s not talked about. It’s something that I feel is kind of like on the hush, hush…like don’t talk about it. But it’s something that’s so common that it should be talked about and it’s not… [Read More]

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Mommy Makeover Tips From Patient

Tammy explains why she wanted to know the real story about recovery, how it helped her after mommy makeover surgery, and why she recommends it to everyone. Going into the procedure I did feel that I had realistic expectations of just how the process was going to be. S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS told me… [Read More]

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Dr Schlesinger Testimonial Tummy Tuck Tammy

If I had a friend come to me who was trying to decide whether to have a procedure, a mommy makeover like I had, I would tell them that in a heartbeat I would have done this procedure again. That there is no…that I felt going into the procedure like I was alone but as… [Read More]

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What The Mommy Makeover Procedure

Tammy explains why the mommy makeover procedure truly gave her her life back. Having children was a gift. She loves being a mom. She just never knew the toll it would take on her body and self-confidence. She shares what it felt like before surgery and why it’s changed her life. Transcript I honestly don’t… [Read More]

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Breast Augmentation Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Breast augmentation Surgery Process The nipple points down so this is a constricted breast. And the goal today is to get the entire surgery done through the axilla and not have to do a release at the inframammary fold. Ok, and we’re going in with the endoscope. The endoscopic retractor in Jason’s hand and up… [Read More]

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