Breast Augmentation Surgery (GRAPHIC)

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Breast Augmentation Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Breast augmentation Surgery Process

The nipple points down so this is a constricted breast. And the goal today is to get the entire surgery done through the axilla and not have to do a release at the inframammary fold.
Ok, and we’re going in with the endoscope. The endoscopic retractor in Jason’s hand and up on the screen you’re seeing what we refer to as loose areolar tissue. We are cutting through the loose areolar tissue right now. Table up just a little bit.
Now we are using our dissector to create the space down to the desired bottom of our breast. There we go.
This is 345 this is 365. Slightly different configurations but pretty close.
Now before we touch, before we touch the new implants we change gloves. For the implants we change gloves. We carry no non-pathogenic bacteria from the skin to the implant.
These are the Inspira. Earlier today we used the SCF and put that in. Now we double check the back. Back tab correct. Back tab correct.

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