Video Review of Chin Augmentation with Voluma

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Video Review of Chin Augmentation with Voluma

My first name’s Lexi and I had one syringe of Voluma in my chin.

You know, actually, I came in to find out about my underneath my chin. I didn’t like having the fat under my chin. It felt like it was fat under my chin. And instead of you know, it was ‘Can I get lipo? Can I get something right here? I hate that in photos.’ And he told me about actually just putting Voluma to actually bring everything up and out and it was a cheaper procedure and no bruising, no downtime. It was pretty life changing.

I would judge myself a lot in photos. I would look and see if there was anything that I didn’t like. I would always focus in on things that I didn’t like and this area was always the spot that I could always see if I was leaned back or a photo from like below. I always hated that. I was like wanting to do something drastic and he’s like you don’t have to do anything drastic, you really don’t. It just made me feel more comfortable to ’cause he could have sold me on getting something that I didn’t need.

It’s not noticeable. I mean my husband knows my face and he knows I was getting it done so when he got home he like grabbed it and he’s like, ‘Oh nice.’ But no you can’t, it’s not noticeable. It’s just there’s something like a little bit…I think it helps with your confidence. I think more than anything it’s just like is a confidence booster.

I’m really happy that I found this procedure because I plan on continuing. You know, I know it lasts two years but I plan on continuing to get it done. For sure.

I feel like this was the chin I was supposed to have. It’s so good, I know! I needed this.

My husband’s like, ‘I want one.’

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