Dr Schlesinger Testimonial Tummy Tuck Tammy

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Dr Schlesinger Testimonial Tummy Tuck Tammy

If I had a friend come to me who was trying to decide whether to have a procedure, a mommy makeover like I had, I would tell them that in a heartbeat I would have done this procedure again. That there is no…that I felt going into the procedure like I was alone but as I looked into it more and did some more research into it I saw that the issue that I was having of a separation of abs from pregnancy is so common and it’s something that’s not talked about. It’s something that I feel is kind of like on the hush, hush like don’t talk about it. But it’s something that’s so common that it should be talked about. And it’s not something that my friend or that myself could have done differently it’s just something that happens. And so really it’s a medical, it’s a medical thing that needs to be fixed through a medical procedure.

I would always encourage my friend to do what they felt that they needed to do and what they felt right about doing. But that they shouldn’t feel choosing to have a procedure like what I had, like a mommy makeover, would make them… choosing to do that would make them any less or anything.

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