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Recovering From Liposuction

A huge misconception surrounding liposuction is that, once you choose to undergo this procedure, you are “out” for an extensive amount of time. For most individuals this is just not true. Most surgeons recommend about a week off work, and for patients who have only undergone a small amount of liposuction, two to three days… [Read More]

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Are My Breast Implants Going to Expire?!

There has been an immense amount of confusion surrounding the hot topic of the longevity of breast implants in Hawaii. The thought of something in your body expiring like a carton of milk left some patients and potential patients with a very uneasy feeling.  Lucky for them, years of medical advancements have led surgeons and… [Read More]

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Do I Need a Lift or an Augmentation?

At what point do you know if your breast needs a simple lift, an augmentation, or a combination of the two?  Some woman experience drooping or sagging breast while others have lost the “full” look they long for.  This could be due to pregnancy, weight loss, age, or simply gravity. Bottom line is, if these… [Read More]

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Testimonial from a fellow physician

The following is a testimonial written by a physician who went to S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS for her Hawaii plastic surgery needs. Her experience was a very positive one and gave her a new perspective on medical care, having made a career as a medical doctor. If I had to sum it up in… [Read More]

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Breast Lift Kona

The breast lift has become the third most popular portion of a total Mommy Makeover after the tummy tuck and the breast augmentation. Historically, the breast lift was a natural consequence of the breast reduction invented in Germany during the 19th century. The original technique, commonly referred to as the ANCHOR technique, reduced the overall… [Read More]

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Invisible Scar Breast Lift -Cosmetic Surgery Magazine Cosmetic Surgery Magazine-Invisible Scar Breast Lift Hawaiian plastic surgeon S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS explains to Jodi Thiessen the benefits of the Benelli Mastopexy (breast lift) Schlesinger modification. Traditional breast lift will lift a droopy breast, but can leave behind up to 9cm of scarring per breast. The Benelli Mastopexy technique was first described… [Read More]

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