How Mommy Makeover Surgery Changed Tammy’s Life

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

How Mommy Makeover Surgery Changed Tammy’s Life

Tammy explains what happened not just physically, after her Mommy Makeover procedure but how it improved her relationship with her kids.

“The kids just noticed that I’m just, I’m happier and more…like I’ll play with them more outside like in the pool in a swimsuit, right. Because I’m not constantly worried. And I know this was an internal struggle that I had but because I’m not constantly worried with how I feel I look or how I feel other people feel I look.

We just, we just go on with life. It’s like it wasn’t even, it’s like the years before and all the worry and the stress and the self-consciousness that came from my stomach area is just…I feel like I’m…like I’m living life with them and it’s just, it’s great.”

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