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Should I get a nose job or chin implant—or both?

If both your chin and nose seem out of proportion with your face, reshaping both at the same time can have a synergistic effect, improving your aesthetic appeal without making you look like a different person. Restoring balance between features can help certain patients look more natural than before surgery, as neither feature will dominate… [Read More]

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6 Aftercare Instructions You Shouldn’t Ignore After Cosmetic Surgery

Recovering from surgery doesn’t fall under anyone’s idea of “fun.” I understand that. However, your recovery is one of the most important stages of your cosmetic surgery journey. I’ve performed over 20,000 plastic surgery procedures over my career. Across the board, the patients who follow their instructions for recovery and wound care after surgery are… [Read More]

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Can fillers be used for chin augmentation?

It wasn’t that long ago when “getting work done” to enhance your appearance meant you were having surgery. But today, with so many non-surgical treatments on the market, patients often want to know if they can achieve their goals without an operation. While it’s not always possible (or a good idea), when it comes to… [Read More]

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Are Your Work Habits Making You Look Older?

Getting older may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to expedite the process. Unfortunately, some of our habits are doing just that—especially at work. Oprah recently highlighted a few of the worst work habits that can lead to premature aging, plus a few ways you can avoid adding years to… [Read More]

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Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight by Getting Rid of Hungry Fat Cells?

Plastic surgery websites are full of disclaimers that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. And they’re right. Liposuction isn’t going to automatically remove significant pounds from your body, and it won’t make you immune to weight gain from an unhealthy lifestyle. However, while liposuction isn’t a weight loss procedure, it is a procedure that… [Read More]

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Tasha’s Breast Augmentation Story

This beautiful patient loves her new look, thanks to Dr. Schlesinger & the Breast Implant Center of Hawaii team After having her daughter, Tasha wasn’t feeling secure about her body—and she knew she was ready to make a change for herself. After seeing a friend’s breast augmentation results, she knew Dr. Larry Schlesinger was the… [Read More]

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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

So, you’ve decided that you want to make a change—and you’re ready to find the perfect plastic surgeon for you. Congratulations! Cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing and confidence-boosting experience, and it has helped millions feel more at home with themselves. Now that you’re ready to move forward, it’s time to consider one of the… [Read More]

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