Can fillers be used for chin augmentation?

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Can fillers be used for chin augmentation?

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It wasn’t that long ago when “getting work done” to enhance your appearance meant you were having surgery. But today, with so many non-surgical treatments on the market, patients often want to know if they can achieve their goals without an operation. While it’s not always possible (or a good idea), when it comes to enhancing the chin and jawline the answer is often yes—I can perform a non-surgical chin augmentation using injectable fillers.

While fillers are primarily marketed for wrinkle treatment, I have been using them for years for non-surgical ”liquid” chin augmentation. My favorite filler for this purpose is Juvéderm Voluma, which is a sturdier filler that can last up to 2 years. Injecting just a small amount in key points around the chin can bring it into the same vertical plane as the lower lip and improve jawline definition, as well as help correct lip incompetence (i.e., hanging lower lip), a situation where the lips do not stay closed naturally at rest. When a patient has to actively pull up on the lip to keep it closed, this can result in an angry or disapproving look. Fillers can correct this almost instantly.

While Botox in the chin can paralyze wrinkles, it can also worsen a droopy lower-lip effect, causing your mouth and chin to look less attractive overall. You’re likely to get better results with a filler such as Juvéderm Voluma.

What about wrinkles on the chin? Less experienced providers will often recommend toxins like Botox or Dysport; however, while Botox will resolve wrinkles, it can also worsen a droopy lower-lip effect, causing the mouth and chin to look less attractive overall. A knowledgeable, well-trained plastic surgeon will often recommend fillers instead, injected through the mentalis muscle on the front of the chin, which will both correct a retrusive chin and resolve wrinkles, because the muscles will no longer need to push upward (which causes those chin wrinkles).

Fillers are a great way to test out minor changes first and get a glimpse at what is possible before investing in surgery. Fillers can also be used alongside chin implants to complete your look; often, chin implant surgery will not totally resolve asymmetry, but fillers can make up the balance for a more complete improvement.

Watch Dr. Schlesinger perform a live non-surgical nose job with chin augmentation

If you are interested in chin implants or “liquid” chin augmentation in Hawaii, I invite you to contact my office. During a personal consultation, we can discuss your goals and I can show you how fillers might help improve your profile. Call 808-597-8835 or contact us online.

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