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Liposuction of the Neck and Jaw Area

Here in Hawaii we meet individuals every day who are frustrated with the stubborn area of fat around their jaw and neck area. Due mostly to genetics, some individuals naturally accumulate fat under the chin (submental fat pad), causing the appearance of a double chin, regardless of an otherwise slender figure. Unfortunately, it can often… [Read More]

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Plastic Surgery Costs

The cost of plastic surgery varies from state to state and here in Hawaii, from island to island.  S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS understands that costs are an important factor when considering plastic surgery, but in addition to cost, there are several other things that are important to keep in mind. First, remember to always… [Read More]

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“Massaging” Breast Implants

The term “massaging” is often used to describe the movement exercise we recommend our Honolulu clients do to reduce the chances of scar tissue tightening around their breast implants after breast augmentation.  This phenomenon, although rare, can occur when the body produces too much scar tissue (a.k.a. adhesions) around the breast implants because the body… [Read More]

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Common Misconceptions about Breast Augmentation

There’s one thing for certain, here in Hawaii we’ve heard numerous misconceptions when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. Search the web and you’ll find loads of misinformation out there about the procedure.  Being a plastic surgeon and listening to our lovely Hawaii clients, I’ve decided to clear the air and give you the best… [Read More]

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Things Even a Plastic Surgeon Can’t Change

While we are “miracle workers” in many, many ways, there are a few things we plastic surgeons can’t physically change about a person’s looks.  Here in Hawaii we have a slew of new advancements and technology along with skill and expertise that allow us to make dramatic changes to an individual’s appearance, but there are… [Read More]

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Pregnancy and Weight Gain after a Brazilian Butt Lift

Every woman’s body adjusts to pregnancy and weight gain differently, but it’s a very valid concern considering all the changes that could happen especially after getting a Brazilian butt lift.  When our clients in Honolulu gain significant amounts of weight after having a Brazilian butt lift surgery, we’ve seen a lot of them gain weight… [Read More]

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