Things Even a Plastic Surgeon Can’t Change

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Things Even a Plastic Surgeon Can’t Change

While we are “miracle workers” in many, many ways, there are a few things we plastic surgeons can’t physically change about a person’s looks.  Here in Hawaii we have a slew of new advancements and technology along with skill and expertise that allow us to make dramatic changes to an individual’s appearance, but there are certain things that just can’t be done even by the most skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Here are a few that are commonly asked about:

  1. The distance between the eyes: Occasionally, we’ll have a client come into our Hawaii office and tell us that they are unhappy with the distance between their eyes – they may be too close or too far apart. Unfortunately, this distance cannot be changed without performing major structural changes to the skull. That very complicated and risky procedure is reserved for those rare cases of major facial injuries, significant birth deformities or tumor removals. It is not a cosmetic procedure.
  2. Penis enlargement: Some people are convinced that penis enlargement is simply a cosmetic procedure and there are advertisements out there that try to make you believe it’s a simple adjustment, but it’s much more complicated than that. Cosmetic surgery can add an extra inch or so with an incision by the base of the penis by cutting the penile suspensory ligament. However, what most men don’t realize is that upon erection the penis does not ‘rise’ but elongates while pointing at the floor. That is not usually what our Hawaii clients are looking for and injecting fillers into the genitals usually ends up in disastrous results. True penile enlargement cannot be done by plastic surgery.
  3. Shoulder Width: To reduce the size of the shoulders is not what plastic surgeons do. To do so would be to significantly alter the skeletal and muscular anatomy. If we have a client who is unhappy with their shoulder width, we can often adjust other parts of the body to make the shoulders feel more proportionate and not appear so wide.

There are numerous, dramatic and “miraculous” changes a Hawaii plastic surgeon can do to improve an individual’s appearance but there are few that cannot be done with plastic surgery and we don’t want any of our Hawaii clients to be disillusioned or misinformed. If you live in the Hawaii Islands and want to learn more about what a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon such as S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS can do, contact our office today.

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