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Why I Neither Believe In Nor Use Textured Implants

Textured breast implants appeared on the American breast implant market scene in the early ‘90’s.  The theory that was proposed at that time was that the texturing (little bumps on the surface of the implants) would cause the body to form a scar around each one of these little bumps.  Theoretically, these individual scars would… [Read More]

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Preparing for your Tummy Tuck

Being prepared, both mentally and physically before undergoing a major surgery is very important. Your preparedness could end up sparing you a lot of inconvenience, discomfort, and difficulties. Depending on your personal habits you could be preparing for your tummy tuck up to three weeks before the actual procedure. Safety trumps everything! Your Honolulu plastic… [Read More]

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What is Sculptra?

Chances are by now you have heard about the buzz in Hawaii about the anti-aging technique called Sculptra, but do you have any idea what it really is? If you are considering a toxin like Botox that last for less than seven months to address your facial aging, consider this true anti-aging treatment first! Sculptra… [Read More]

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How Young is too young for Gynecomastia Corrective Surgery?

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more accepted in Honolulu and nationwide, but the main stream is far from accepting children having plastic surgery. Record numbers of people are having plastic surgery in Hawaii and across America, but how young is too young for gynecomastia correction? Gynecomastia is a disorder in which males develop abnormally… [Read More]

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Preparing for Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reshape and improve the appearance of the ears. Many people in Hawaii who choose to undergo Otoplasty complain that their ears are badly misshapen and or that they protrude an inordinate amount away from the head. With the right surgeon, Otoplasty can address and correct these… [Read More]

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Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Many people in Hawaii have found themselves unhappy with the shape of their nose, but do not feel like there are any options other than rhinoplasty that can address their issues. If rhinoplasty seems too dramatic for your taste, there is still a way to obtain your desired nose shape without surgery. Non-surgical nose reshaping… [Read More]

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“Baby” Dysport Applications

Younger men and women who are beginning to notice some signs of aging like forehead wrinkles or furrows wonder if there is an appropriate cosmetic procedure to treat them. A full Dysport treatment for someone who is 35 years old may be discouraging, but plastic surgeons like S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS are able to… [Read More]

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Weight Gain Following Liposuction

It should come as no surprise that gaining weight post-liposuction is counterproductive, but we are only human, and things like this happen sometimes. Many Hilo residents fear it will dramatically effect or even reverse the results of their liposuction. Another common fear associated with post-liposuction weight gain is requiring a follow up procedure and even… [Read More]

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