“Massaging” Breast Implants

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

“Massaging” Breast Implants

The term “massaging” is often used to describe the movement exercise we recommend our Honolulu clients do to reduce the chances of scar tissue tightening around their breast implants after breast augmentation.  This phenomenon, although rare, can occur when the body produces too much scar tissue (a.k.a. adhesions) around the breast implants because the body recognizes them as a foreign object.  “Massaging” the breast can help break up these adhesions and keep them from surrounding and tightening around the breast implants.  When capsular contracture does occur, it can cause the breast implants to feel hard, look distorted and can even cause pain.

With the popularity of silicone gel breast implants and textured implants such as the “gummy bear” implants, here in Honolulu we rarely see issues like capsular contracture.  Silicone and textured breast implants are designed to stick to the body’s tissues and reduce the development of adhesions that lead to capsular contracture.

However, if scar tissue does still surround the breast implants, it is often caused by unusual bleeding or bacterial accumulation in the early post-operative period.  Despite the most meticulous care during and after surgery, complications like this can occur so these implant movement exercises are a great way to minimize complications and improve healing.

Gentle implant movement exercises every three hours for the first few days after breast augmentation while awake, has helped several of our Honolulu clients not only avoid capsular contracture but improve swelling.  The exercises include simply pressing on the lower pole of the breast to force the implant to slide upwards in the already-created pocket. It’s often best to go braless until the implants have dropped into position, after which a bra is worn to prevent further drop or bottoming out. These exercises can be done while showering or through clothing.

Every situation is different and depending on what type of breast implants you have, your surgeon’s instructions might be different. Be sure to follow all of S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS’s post-op instructions for the best outcome. Schedule a consultation to learn more!

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