Pregnancy and Weight Gain after a Brazilian Butt Lift

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Pregnancy and Weight Gain after a Brazilian Butt Lift

Every woman’s body adjusts to pregnancy and weight gain differently, but it’s a very valid concern considering all the changes that could happen especially after getting a Brazilian butt lift.  When our clients in Honolulu gain significant amounts of weight after having a Brazilian butt lift surgery, we’ve seen a lot of them gain weight in their backside because that’s were a lot of fat cells have been transplanted.

During a butt lift procedure, most of the fat that is transplanted into the butt to create the lift are from areas like the flanks or inner thighs. The fat from these areas are more resistant to diet and exercise, so often that means it’s also the first place fat is deposited naturally when people gain weight. We always stress to our Honolulu clients that to maintain your body weight after butt lift surgery and liposuction requires daily work and effort.  Surgery doesn’t prevent the fat from coming back.

What happens if you get pregnant after a Brazilian butt lift? Like we mentioned earlier, different people handle pregnancy differently. If you find yourself pregnant after a Brazilian butt lift, you’re naturally expected to gain weight. But it’s advised that you be careful how much weight you gain. Of course, your butt might get bigger because fat is going to settle there just as it likely would if you didn’t have a Brazilian butt lift. Your whole body changes during pregnancy and everyone is different so there’s no guarantee on how you’re going to look after. You might need a touch-up or you might be happy with the added volume to your backside.

Our clients in Honolulu often ask if they should wait to get a Brazilian butt lift until after they have kids. The answer is, you don’t have to but if you are planning to have kids within the next year or two, it might be a good idea to wait. However, although it may be wise to wait, it’s not as important as it is when considering a tummy tuck. The results of a Brazilian butt lift won’t be undone if you get pregnant after the surgery.  The results of a tummy tuck on the other hand, can be undone by pregnancy.  The majority of clients we see in Honolulu who are interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift are often 10 years or so away from considering kids so it’s not often an issue.

If you live in Honolulu or any of the Hawaiian Islands and are considering a Brazilian butt lift, contact our office today. S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS is the Brazilian Butt Lift expert you need!

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