Squeaky Breast Implants?

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Squeaky Breast Implants?

If you’re hearing a squeaking sound coming from your new breast implants, don’t be alarmed.  No one left a squeaky toy in there.  It’s just a normal phenomenon called bourdonnement and it will go away.  Bourdonnement occurs when new breast implants slide against stretched out moist tissue and cause a friction rub.  Here in our Honolulu plastic surgery office, we’ve had clients tell us that occasionally they will feel a weird rubbing sensation and sometime a squeaking or clicking sound.  They are beyond thrilled to find out that these normal and natural breast implant sounds are very temporary and we don’t see them last long-term.

It is most likely to occur in the early postoperative period, usually days, or a few weeks at the most.  Right after breast augmentation surgery, inflammation occurs due to the trauma of surgery and as part of the healing process.  This inflammation is what causes the friction and thus the possible sounds that people hear coming from their chest after breast augmentation surgery.  We try to warn most of our breast augmentation clients here in Honolulu of the possibility of bourdonnement so they’re not so startled when/if it occurs.

Other abnormalities that can occur with breast implants include skin wrinkling, implant displacement, and anatomical implant rotation.  These are most often temporary in nature, but understandably can induce some concerns. Very often preexisting asymmetries in the chest wall, nipple-areola complex and/or breast mound can considerably affect the final cosmetic result of breast implants after surgery.  Already present asymmetries will only become more pronounced with breast implants unless they are directly addressed during surgery.

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