4 Reasons to Book Your Mommy Makeover By Thanksgiving

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

4 Reasons to Book Your Mommy Makeover By Thanksgiving

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Ask any of my mommy makeover patients how much time passed between the moment she first considered having the procedure and the day she had surgery, and the answer you’ll hear most is, “years.” Next, my patients will tell you they wish they hadn’t waited so long.

I bring all this up because I know many of you reading this are considering a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a full mommy makeover yourself. If you are emotionally ready, then you might like to know that fall is one of the best times to have plastic surgery from a practical perspective.

Here are a few reasons to go for it and book your Hawaii mommy makeover this month.

It may be easier to take time off before the holidays

You know how tough it is to get one day off work during peak holiday weeks—much less the two weeks or so my patients typically need to recover from their mommy makeover before going back to work. Your boss (and coworkers!) are likely to be more amenable to your taking vacation time now vs. over Christmas and New Year’s, when everyone is trying to take time off to spend with their own families.

The earlier you book your mommy makeover, the more beautiful your results will be by the time holiday party season rolls around—plus you’ll have time to shop for clothes to flatter your new look.

You’ll have a beautiful new look in time for the holidays

The earlier you book your mommy makeover, the more beautiful your results will be by the time holiday party season rolls around. If you have surgery soon, you’ll also have time to shop for wardrobe updates to flatter your new curves—hello new LBD)!

Even if it works best for you to have surgery around Thanksgiving, as one of my patients you can still expect a very nice look within a couple of weeks. I use scar-minimizing techniques for breast surgery: transaxillary incisions and endoscopic implant placement, both of which result in considerably less post-operative swelling and bruising.

If you’re choosing the two-step Ultimate Silhouettplasty as part of your mommy makeover, an October or November tummy tuck will get through the main portion of your recovery early and you’ll have a flatter, firmer tummy that looks great in clothing over the holidays. All you have to do is return for the second part, liposuction, in the winter and be fully bikini-ready by spring.

You’re worth it

Ultimately, this is the number one reason to book your mommy makeover sooner rather than later. If you’re not sure how to get started, call our office. Our patient coordinators are experts in the plastic surgery process and will guide you through everything from how many days to schedule off work and activities, to what to wear to the plastic surgery center on your procedure day, to how to wash your hair after surgery, and everything in between.

At your consultation, I will walk you through your mommy makeover procedure options, explain what results are possible for you, help you choose breast implants, and answer your questions. When we’re finished talking, you and your patient coordinator can discuss financing options and look at surgery dates, although there is no obligation to make a decision until you are ready.

One more thing…

While this post clearly is meant to encourage you to take the next step if you’re ready, you should never feel pressured by anyone else to have a procedure. Do it for you, or don’t do it at all.

Additionally, if the idea of plastic surgery makes you a little nervous, I understand. It takes courage to talk to someone about your body and undergo surgery, but rest assured that we have helped thousands of women just like you and will keep you safe throughout the process. Also keep in mind that surgery is just one day and recovery isn’t long; after you’re done, you’ll be rewarded with years of enjoying your wonderful new curves.

If you’re ready to take the next step, I invite you to call us at 808-597-8835. We are here to help.

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