Why Phyllis Had Breast Augmentation – S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Why Phyllis Had Breast Augmentation – S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

Phyllis had small breasts for most of her life. She finally made the appointment to change her body and her confidence.

Video Transcript:
My name is Phyllis and I had breast augmentation. All my life, I had had very small breasts. I had been self-conscious. My second marriage, my husband, it was very obvious, he liked to look at other women. These two young ladies who were down there, and it was very obvious they were well-endowed in their bikini bathing suits. And he just about broke his neck trying to follow them around the pool. I thought, “You like what you see don’t you?” He said, “Of course. I’m a man.” I said, ok, that does it.
The next day, without telling him, I made an appointment, went right into S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS’s office. He answered every question I had. I first thought about what’s people going to say? Well, what are people going to say if you don’t have it done?
It makes me slender here so it gives you the appearance that you’ve lost weight which I actually have not. It gives you a better outlook on life. It makes you feel better and it gives you confidence that you didn’t have before. And now my husband looks at me instead of other women.

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