When can I return to physical activity after Breast Augmentation

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

When can I return to physical activity after Breast Augmentation

When can I return to physical activity after Breast AugmentationWe get this question all the time from our Honolulu clients.  It’s no surprise of course because no one wants to be cooped in the house when they have paradise surrounding them! Physical activity is crucial for your recovery and we encourage you to stay active, but in order for you to have the best results from your breast augmentation, you’ll need to take it easy for about three days after your augmentation.  Even after three weeks, we recommend being very careful with any kind of upper body workouts. Try your best not to activate your pectoral muscles. The implants that were put in are partially under your muscles and therefore you should allow that area to heal for three weeks minimum.

Remember, the procedure you just had is a huge investment so don’t rush physical activity at the cost of undoing the new changes that have been made.  You may want to start with some simple walks and listen to your body, adjust your intensity depending on the way you feel.  When you start up again with the upper body in three weeks remember to reduce the intensity and build back up slowly. Your body will not mislead you, so listen to it.  Every woman recovers at their own pace after a breast augmentation.

Recovery times after breast augmentation surgery vary from woman to woman.  It’s important to realize that even though breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, it’s still a significant operation with associated risks. Premature return to normal activity can result in an increased incidence of complications.  Most of our clients in Honolulu and around the island are able to return to their complete normal activities after four weeks post-breast augmentation.

Again, it’s important to remember that every patient is unique. The specifics of your employment, exercise routine and surgical procedure will have a significant impact upon your recovery. Make sure we discuss these issues at your consultation and follow-up visits. We will be with you every step of the way and will provide important information regarding when you can resume your exercise routine.

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