What Was The Day After Surgery Like?

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

What Was The Day After Surgery Like?

Gina shares what the day after surgery was like as well as her follow-up appointments.

I was overwhelmed with joy. I was like, “Oh my gosh I have boobs!” I was so excited and he would not let me look until after a few after he did a few things first and kind of made sure everything was cleaned up then he let me look and I was in shock. But I also didn’t realize the complete process of how it takes time for everything to settle into place. You don’t just wake up and have perfect boobs you have interesting boobs and you have breasts that you didn’t realize you could ever have but I felt so happy and so thankful like this is exactly what I came her to do. When I tell my friends or my family even my own parents about my experiences in this process I tell them how shocked I am that I come in multiple times a week. I get to see my Dr. and he answers my questions, he takes as much time as you need and truly makes me feel comfortable or reassured depending on whatever the situation may be. The only thing I didn’t really realize was the process of the breasts dropping themselves. I knew of it and I was told about it I just didn’t understand it until going through the process. But having all of you here at the office and answering questions and phone calls, constant appointments was just a really wonderful experience.

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