What Was Surgery Like?

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

What Was Surgery Like?

Gina shares what the day of breast augmentation surgery was like for her.

Video transcript:
I felt really prepared which was a big deal for me. I think if I hadn’t had all my ducks in a line I would have been going insane. But it was nice we were ready, packed, my friend came, picked me up drove me over there. I really didn’t get nervous until they went to put me on the table and kind of started the process and I think it sort of hit me like a ton of bricks like oh my goodness am I really doing this right now, my husbands gone, am I crazy, did I make the right decision. All those things started going through my head. I sort of just relaxed into it. We were making jokes and laughing with the staff and everybody and Dr. came in and talked to me and we went over what we needed to and I was just like, OK let’s do this and ready to go and the next thing I know I woke up. I woke up I don’t remember too much and then the next thing I remember is going up the stairs at my house to my bed. My friend did take care of me and I did take the pain medication as I was supposed to. I didn’t see them so I was almost wishing I could see my breasts but at the same time I was resting and the time passed and it was so quick when you go back in to see the doctor when you actually do get to see your results and outcome.

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