What is Cat Eye Surgery?

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What is Cat Eye Surgery?

Close image of a beautiful, almond shaped eye

Have you been hearing about a procedure known as “cat-eye surgery?” According to a recent article on RealSelf, it’s taking Hollywood by storm. However, this trending technique isn’t new to experienced plastic surgeons and, if expertly performed, can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants more youthful-looking eyes.

The goal of the procedure is to obtain almond-shaped eyes, which have long been seen as a beautiful, feminine eye shape coveted by many. With this type of eye surgery, the difference is often very subtle, almost imperceptible, yet it can cause the entire face to look a bit younger and more attractive. If you’ve often applied cat-eye style makeup and enjoy the visual lift it brings to your eyes, or simply love the look of almond-shaped eyes, read on.

How to get almond-shaped eyes

Cat-eye surgery is a new name for a variation on eyelid lift, a.k.a. blepharoplasty—which is something I frequently perform here at my practice. In this procedure, I carefully lift and reposition tissue around the eyes, removing small amounts of excess eyelid skin where required. Many of our patients request this surgery as a way of improving eyes that appear bagged or hooded; it is an effective way of refreshing eyes that perpetually look tired.

Rather than reducing excess skin or fat, the goal of a cat-eye procedure is to specifically alter the corner where the eyelids meet, thus making the entire eye look slightly more elongated. This is most often done in tandem with work to the eyelids and the brows.

As with any cosmetic procedure, the key to getting the results you hope for is to clearly discuss your goals with your surgeon and understand that there are some limitations to what can be achieved. Look at results for patients with similar facial qualities, see which results you find most flattering, and, most of all, trust your surgeon’s experience and expertise. Any experienced plastic surgeon will be honest about trending procedures and tell you if having a “cat-eye” style eyelid lift will compliment your face—or if another approach will, in fact, be better for you.

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In my experience, I believe cat-eye surgery can be a lovely option for patients who need some lifting of their eyelid tissues and love the look of a tapered, almond eye. However, I do not recommend this surgery for young patients and do not typically perform it solo without an overall eyelid lift procedure.

If you have any further questions about the procedure or are ready to learn more about achieving that tapered look for your own eyes, I welcome you to contact us. We’re always here to field inquiries and offer a full range of Honolulu eyelid surgery options.

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