Tuberous Breasts Video Journey, Part Two, Surgery Prep

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Tuberous Breasts Video Journey, Part Two, Surgery Prep

S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS meets with tuberous breast patient, Beatriz, to prep for surgery. Beatriz will have her tuberous breasts corrected along with a breast augmentation. S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS meticulously explains each step of her surgery and ensures Beatriz is comfortable with the game plan and ready to proceed.

Video Transcript:
Dr. S: How are you?

Beatriz: Doing great.

Dr. S: Good. You have tuberous breasts on both sides. And you probably have the type 3, which means that both the bottom on the inside, the bottom on the outside, and also the top have some degree of, if you will, tuberousness. The distance from your nipple to the inframammary fold is too short. The breast tissue itself is tight. And so we’re going to release that to allow, the term is splay it out. We’re going to splay it out in order to allow the breast to sit more comfortably on top of the new implant we’re putting in.

We’re going to put the implant in through your armpit. So we’re literally doing two surgeries at once. One, we’re changing your tuberous breasts to more normal breasts through surgery and moving the nipples up to a higher position. And then we’re also going to do a breast augmentation through the armpits. So really it’s two surgeries at once. Aren’t you lucky!

Afterwards, you’re going to have some drains in and the drains normally come out tomorrow. And I’m about ready to start drawing on you. Is that okay with you?

Okay, so first we’re going to mark the suprasternal notch right here. And then we’re going to attempt to draw midline. There we go. I always go out 7 centimeters on the clavicle from the suprasternal notch . So, once again, what we’re going to do is move this nipple up so that it doesn’t point down and we’re going to also go inside and put five cuts into the breast tissue itself to allow it to open up. Then we’re going through your armpit to put an implant in. And we may be able to sneak a millimeter or two more out from the inside. And then on this side, we’re going to do an infra-areolar incision, go down and splay out the tissue as well. This one we’re doing because the nipple is droopy. This one is straight forward so we don’t need to do that and it’s well above the infra-mammary crease.

Alright, let’s get this back on, put that arm in, but not this one. We tie it behind. It’s a trick we use in the surgery. Alright, so you’re all ready? You Excited?

Beatriz: I’m super excited.

Dr. S: Okay, well, high five. We’ll do it.

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