Tips for Women Who Are Getting A Mommy Makeover

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Tips for Women Who Are Getting A Mommy Makeover

Alayna is the mother of three children whose husband is in the military. So when she scheduled her surgery, she also made some important plans for a successful recovery. Here are her tips.

I know we talked about like recovery and stuff and there was one thing that I did want to add that I feel like was like a tip or whatever. If you are gonna have your husband staying home, oh especially in my case because my husband can’t cook, so I made tons and tons and tons of freezer meals because I wanted to make sure that my kids didn’t starve to death or eat McDonalds every single day. So, it was like one thing that I did do is I took two whole days just preparing breakfast lunch and dinner and just freezing everything. And I wrote like Sharpie like directions like for how the crockpot, I had to show him how to use the crockpot! Show him how to preheat the oven. Like this is like serious stuff. And so that was one thing and then the second thing is that after after the um tummy tuck, you know I knew it was going to be really difficult for me to take a shower and I couldn’t take a bath, and our shower is really small in our, our housing. So, I actually got one of the chairs for like handicap people. So, I got one of the shower chairs and I sat and it was actually nice I could just let the water run on me and stuff and it was actually like the most relaxing part like the first like week was getting out of the corset and being able to just sit and let the water like run on me.

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