Recovery Tips After Brazilian Butt Lift

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Recovery Tips After Brazilian Butt Lift

In order to ensure our Honolulu clients have a smooth, comfortable recovery after having a Brazilian butt lift procedure, S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS encourages them to remember the following principles:

  1. Do not go through it alone: Getting through the first couple days are going to be extremely difficult if you try to do it alone.  The surgical procedure can be relatively long.  This means that the dose of general anesthesia is more significant than more minor surgeries, and to completely recover from the effects of anesthesia in this amount can take twenty four to forty eight hours.  For this reason, it is important to have someone watch you and help you get around even if after you are released from the hospital or surgical facility. You are going to be sore and will not likely be able to do most daily functions the first few days following the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Having someone around to help you will not only make things more restful for you, but prevent complications or injuries from occurring.
  2. Protect your seat: You don’t realize how important your back side is until you can’t use it – “Isn’t that the truth with most things?” Yes, it is surprising how valuable that cushion of muscle, fat and tissue is on your rump. Because you have just had surgery there, you need to avoid sitting or lying on it for the first 2 weeks.  It’s very important to protect the transferred fat cells during the early phase of recovery after a Brazilian butt lift.  The transplanted cells are trying to reestablish their blood supply so they can survive and thrive.
  3. Compression, compression, compression:  Because the Brazilian Butt Lift involves transferring fat cells from other areas of the body to the gluteal (butt) region, those “donor sites” need to be compressed with body garments in order to heal and receive optimal body contouring results. The abdomen and back are the most common “donor sites”.  Our Honolulu clients love that the Brazilian Butt Lift not only shapes the buttocks, but shapes the entire core.  Imagine how great that looks in a bikini on Waikiki!  Compression is gradually increased from recovery garment, to compression garment, then to corset garment for optimal results.  In Honolulu we advise our clients to maintain compression for about one month for the most dramatic results.  However, areas that are liposuctioned will often continue to shrink for up to 6 months after surgery.  Compression significantly helps minimize wrinkling of the tissue and other contour abnormalities after liposuction.
  4. Exercise:  At three weeks postoperative and after receiving clearance from your surgeon, exercising the gluteal region can greatly enhance your results. The transplanted fat cells receive more nutrients when there is extra blood supply.  Exercise forces the body to increase blood supply to muscles that are being used.  A healthy rump also helps to maintain volume and lift which just further enhances the results.  By exercising regularly you can maintain overall health and a slender body physique.  Lunges and squatting are some highly effective gluteal exercises that increase gluteal muscle volume and tone.
  5. No smoking:  This holds true for overall health but when it comes to smoking and recovery from surgery, smoking can be a true hindrance to healing and the overall results.  Smoking does this by interfering with the blood supply (less oxygenation) for the newly transplanted cells, along with other sites that need healing.

Recovering from a major surgery like the Brazilian Butt Lift doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Keeping in mind the above list of tips can make recovery a breeze.  If you live in the Honolulu area or any of the Hawaiian Islands and are interested in learning more about what a Brazilian Butt Lift can do for you, contact S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS today.

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