Recovery from Mommy Makeover Surgery Had Some Surprising Benefits

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Recovery from Mommy Makeover Surgery Had Some Surprising Benefits

Sarah: I bought some great gifts while I was, I’m serious, I got this placard with Dak Prescott you know that’s Dallas Cowboys and they had a great year this year and it shows up and I’m like, “This is, freaking awesome, oh my God”, well it’s here now and I wrapped it up and come Christmas time he said, “You got me everything I ever wanted”. The kids were happy! But normally I’m such a penny pincher, you know, I’m so frugal. I just got online and ordered, it was great. It turned out, it was the best Christmas ever. Whatever they gave me to recover with gives me like the genius phone cause I just totally wiped out Christmas. It was great. Yeah, I killed Christmas.

Alayna: My surgery was December 7th and my husband opened up the box and it was a Keurig, and I was just like, “Yeah, I got you that.” I need to show you, I need to get my phone out and show you, he’s like…with the box he’s so freakin’ happy! He’s like, “You got me a Keurig?” And I was like, hmmm I did that, yep. Target.

Gina: Mine was ridiculously happy about a robot vacuum and I think it was like $300 bucks. And I was like, “Oh my God, I cannot believe I did that!” He’s like, “I know you told me you would never buy me one.” And I’m like, well there you go! Love ya! Thanks for taking care.
So the surgery didn’t just save us, it totally made us save Christmas.

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