Mommy Makeover Story with Maria. Breast Implant Center of Hawaii. Kona and Oahu

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Mommy Makeover Story with Maria. Breast Implant Center of Hawaii. Kona and Oahu

Maria scheduled an appointment with S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS for a breast augmentation but when she went int for her consultation she grabbed her tummy and asked “Is there anything you can do for this?” Because after 27 years, and all the diet, yoga and exercise, her stomach was still loose and unattractive.

She since chose to have the full mommy makeover (abdominoplasty and breast augmentation). This is her story through her consultation, the day of surgery, recovery and life with her new body.

Video Transcript:
I had my daughter when I was 18 and afterwards I was left with this big saggy skin that would never go away despite how much I worked out…all that. So, my daughter is 27 now and I basically spent all those years that, when my friends all had their bikini bodies in their 20s, I never had that. I always had this big belly leftover from pregnancy.

My name is Maria and I had a mommy makeover done.

I have several coworkers that have had work done by S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS and the results were amazing. They look so good and everything looks so natural. I was able to see the healed scars and everything healed so beautifully and the results look so natural that I didn’t even look at another surgeon. I also have a doctor that I know who said there is no other person in Oahu you should go to. There’s no question, he’s the most detail-oriented surgeon she’s seen.

The day of surgery was exciting and scary. The surgery center was impressive. It was really clean. Very beautiful. Yah, went into surgery and I felt really comfortable going in. It was a really good experience. I wasn’t scared.

Ooh, the recovery was hard. Because I had everything done at once. I didn’t realize for some reason what a major surgery it is. The pain actually not so bad. I took the pain medicine for probably 3-4 days and then I just decided that I’m going to live with it. I was back in the gym at 4 weeks and I was back at yoga in 4 weeks.

If you have concerns about your surgery, your post-op care. And you know, there were a couple of things that came up. And to be able to see him and to see him every two weeks after surgery. He was right there for the first month and a half after surgery, every two weeks. And every time, he immediately addressed my concerns. He was right there for me and we were able to talk and laugh and it’s just good to see him afterwards.

I feel so good. I don’t have to hide my tummy anymore. I used to worry about, you know, wrap the sarong around me at the beach because my tummy is hanging over my bikini and I don’t have that anymore. I just have this flat stomach and hour-glass figure. I feel beautiful. I feel beautiful. It feels really good. I’m happy.

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