Mommy Makeover FAQs – What is Recovery Like, How Did I Choose My Doctor & More

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Mommy Makeover FAQs – What is Recovery Like, How Did I Choose My Doctor & More

Chelsie had a mommy makeover procedure because she wanted her body back after having children. She answers top questions about the procedure in hopes of helping others with their decision.

Post-op I feel like I can do anything I want to and I have no reason not to go. I feel like Dr. Schlesinger is a magician and I have a whole new outlook on life. I really do. It’s priceless that I can go in the store, find what I want to wear, put it on and it looks just like I imagine it in my head. Because you know you can imagine it looks good and it just doesn’t fit and you’re like, “”What? Oh I thought it was…no.”” It’s priceless to to just be able to shop, or get dressed and not have to worry about if your stomach is sticking out or the muffin top or anything. Nothing, even up here. I can wear a tube-top and it will look perfect.

Extremely self-conscious and doubtful and shy. I wanted to get this procedure done because I felt really self-conscious about my body. I felt like it was taking way too long to get dressed every day. It was not wanting any shirts, they didn’t fit right and your clothes just felt like they were somebody else’s. You didn’t feel like you. You felt like you were always hiding behind that.

At the beginning of the consultation process, I came in. I was a little late and I was rushing and I thought, “”Oh, my gosh I don’t want to miss my appointment.”” But when I came in everybody was really receptive and they were understanding this is just a calm place, a relaxed environment. I sat down, I had a bottle of water and I immediately felt relaxed. The doctor called me in not too long after. I was comfortable about telling him what I wanted and just seeing it unfold from there and I was really excited.

What made me choose Dr. Schlesinger was the reviews. I did read the reviews. The feeling I got when I walked into the office because even though you can read other people’s reviews it means nothing except for when you see it and feel it yourself. That’s when a review means, “”Oh, ok. I see what they’re saying.”” No other way for me. I came in. I felt comfortable. I was excited that I saw all the places that he’s worked on the walls displayed. I thought that was really cool you could see his professional background and I just, you see out of the environment out of him, his personality that he really takes the time. He doesn’t care that he’s staying a little bit longer. He really takes the time to make sure that everything is the way that you want it when you ask and come in.

It’s a new life. Everything’s changed when your body looks and feels the way you do. Your whole life has changed.

The recovery process for me was not that bad. I thought it was going to be dire and it would kill me but it was not that bad. You just take it day by day. You talk to the doctor a lot. He makes sure that you’re comfortable and you’re doing all the things that you’re supposed to be doing. But the recovery was not that bad. You just listen, follow directions and make sure you have somebody to help you. That’s a necessity, to have a support team. Other than that the recovery was not that bad. It was exciting actually because every day you see progress in yourself. It made it worth it.

The deal that I made was that the doctor would be doing the work. I didn’t meet any nurses in the beginning. After surgery I wanted to make sure that everything was good. I know that the doctor sees his patients and goes on the the next one. He has his agenda every day but it felt really, really good to be able to talk to him before he left and just to make sure that he knew that I knew that everything was ok.

I remember looking at my boobs. I looked down at my breasts and I was like, “”Oh my god, they’re full again.”” And I thought it was so exciting. But I remember I was really sore but I was so excited that I kind of didn’t care and started to shimmy up the bed and look anyway. So, I don’t remember too much of the pain on that. I remember being sore but I don’t remember too much of the pain because I was so excited. I was so excited not to have a half full bra anymore. Or lean over and your boobs just like…sad looking. It was amazing it was a great feeling when I woke up.

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