Military Wife Shares Her Story. Hawaii Plastic Surgery

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Military Wife Shares Her Story. Hawaii Plastic Surgery

Gina explains why she chose to get a breast augmentation, what her experience was like and how her husband reacted when he got home from deployment.

Video Transcript
From the beginning he was like, “I love you the way you are, you don’t need to do anything to yourself” and I’m like, “but you know, this isn’t about you it’s about me and what I think that I need.” And he is so thrilled with the outcome and when he got home from deployment he could not wait to come in here and shake S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS’s hand and meet him personally. It went fantastic and way too long. When I had my daughters pretty much everything got really stretched out and I was really disappointed and kind of embarrassed of my body afterwards but I was so grateful to have my children that I almost felt guilty for feeling that way about my body. We came and met Dr. S and I knew from the first second I walked in with him that he was the one I wanted to do my surgery. I felt like he understood where I was coming from as a person and not just another patient or more money to come in. I felt like I had a hundred thousand percent knowledge of what I was getting into, what could happen, what can happen. We talked about my recovery because that was a big issue is would I be able to do this while my husband is deployed. And I was. One friend watched the children and the other friend helped a little bit take care of me. I was overwhelmed with joy. I was like, ” Oh my gosh, I have boobs!” And I was so excited. He gave me that hope, he gave me the realistic expectations of everything I ever wanted and my outcome is so far above and beyond what I ever expected. I just wanted to feel the way that I truly believe and know that I am on the inside and I’m so grateful I could never repay him with how grateful I am. It takes a village but it’s so worth it.

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