Jessica’s Breast Augmentation Post Op Instructions from S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS – Hawaii

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Jessica’s Breast Augmentation Post Op Instructions from S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS – Hawaii

Jessica is still waking up from surgery. During that time her husband receives instructions for the next 1-3 days. This includes moving around, how to empty the drains, and what not to do.

Video Transcription:
“First 24 hours have her getting up, moving around promoting circulation in her legs is what we want her to do, so getting small snacks, going to the bathroom, nothing strenuous at all, ok, at all. No heavy lifting, exercise or sex until cleared by doctor.”


“Wearing the Ace wrap on, again that’s on really, really tight do not loosen no matter what she says or remove it. That’s how we push the fluid of the implants down, they’re in place already but it needs to stay there because the fluid needs to shift down. No raising the arms higher than the level of her shoulders quickly. She can do it slowly but just not a fast, quick motion. Ok? Button down or zip up blouses are best for her right now that just helps because she’s going to have a hard time moving her arms right now.”

“Drains, they are going to be done every two hours throughout the night. This blue clip right here, you pinch it together and it opens up, just like that. There’s a safety pin right here and that safety pin is creating this arch in her tubing and that’s right in the crotch of her tubing, right here. See how it joins together? Alright, so that stays there. It will get repositioned throughout the day and night so make sure every time you check it that you just kind of pull it right back in this spot. Ok? Just like that.”


“How you do the drain is now you open the top right here into the cup and you squeeze it all out. Just like that. Get out whatever you can, set it aside and take the bulb and roll it like a tube of toothpaste to create a nice suction. As long as you see everything stuck together you know it’s a good suction going on. Once you’re done take this and you clip it right back up here and that’s it.”


“No taking a shower until the drains come out and they come out in one to three days. Depending on the monitoring so make sure you bring this blue card back with you. Pain medication is constipating so make sure you increase food intake as well as add in prune juice as well. ”

“Ok, alright.”

“You have any questions? Anything else? You good here?”

“No. It’s good.”

“Alright. You can sign for me. And no ice or heat to anything. Ice will kill the skin and turn it black and heat, her sensation is not that great right now it needs to still come back, so she has the possibility to burn herself.”

“If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please call him. Ok? It goes directly to him, that’s his number, anytime of the day.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

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