Gynecomastia Surgery Revision – When Do Men Need Revision Surgery

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Gynecomastia Surgery Revision – When Do Men Need Revision Surgery

Video transcript:
Hi, I’m Larry Schlesinger, from Honolulu, Hawaii and I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. The question for today is “Why does one have a gynecomastia revision?” The answer is that all the gynecomastia hasn’t been taken away.

Now, there are situations where you have an enlarged areola and you’re going to make it smaller and you want to wait until the blood supply returns to the area before you do that. That would be one reason for a revision surgery. Second reason is if you have so much fat, and liposuction is an interesting process. You have, kind of like a block of (pardon my expression), lard and you’re pushing a cannula in to create tunnels. And so when you suck out all of this fat, around the edge of each tunnel is some fat cells, in the periphery. Fat with the tunnels then collapses and what you have at the bottom is the condensation of fat plus the surrounding soft tissue and if there’s enough of it there, it may require a second liposuction. So breasts that are relatively large on a man, very often require a touch up or a secondary liposuction.

Gland tissue – this is an imperfect science and therefore the sizing of gland from a breast rarely leads to any gland left behind but at times there is some gland. And if the person has a propensity for forming larger gland or if they decide to use testosterone or other steroids to enhance their physique, this can then lead to gland recurrence which would then require a revision surgery.

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