Cosmetic Hand Lift (Rejuvenation) with Restylane

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Cosmetic Hand Lift (Rejuvenation) with Restylane

S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS demonstrates what hand rejuvenation is like using Restylane. This patient is in surgery for two other procedures so she is under anesthesia. Video includes the before and after image.

Video transcript:
And now we’re going to inject the hand with Restylane. And Restylane will fill up the spaces between the tendons…she’s not showing quite as many veins on this side but you can see the veins going this way. But we are going to make it look younger by injecting Restylane in between the tendons and hopefully in between the veins.

We’re going to put four cc’s of Restylane in. That should give us a really nice long lasting improvement. At least about five to six months if not more.

Up toward the knuckles you have depression too.

And you can see it’s starting to fill it out nicely. Getting rid of a lot of the visible tendons and visible veins. You mold it in there.

There we go. Nice improvement. A little lasering, even better.

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