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Capsular Contracture from Bacteria and Why Keller Funnel Helps

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

Capsular Contracture from Bacteria and Why Keller Funnel Helps

What does non-pathogenic bacteria mean? Well, there are two kinds of bacteria. There are bacteria that that will attack us and injure us as living organisms and there are bacteria that we live in a symbiotic relationship with and we need them. Non-pathogenic bacteria, especially the bacteria on our skin are bacteria that populated our skin the day we were born. You come out of the mother’s womb and bacteria all around jump from wherever they are to your skin and they live there for the rest of your life. Generation after generation of bacteria. And they keep things clean and they are useful to us. These bacteria, unlike the pathogenic ones, like pneumococcus that causes pneumonia, menigococcus that causes meningitis, unlike those these don’t cause an infection. However, if they hitch a ride with an implant as it’s being pushed in, that bacteria will lead to capsular contracture because when your immune system sees that bacteria there, it reads it as an invader. It tries to wall it off, protect you from the invader, and now you have a hard breast. So, to decrease the chance, in surgery, of getting a hard breast, I certainly and probably most of the plastic surgeons in the United States certainly recommend using the Keller Funnel, intra-operatively so as to get the implant in using what is now referred to as the No-Touch Technique.

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