Can a Hysterectomy be combined with a Mommy Makeover?

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Can a Hysterectomy be combined with a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeovers are becoming very popular and if you’ve already had children and for other reasons need to have a hysterectomy, it’s makes sense to think about combining the hysterectomy with a few other procedures that can reverse changes brought on by pregnancy and childbirth. Most mommy makeovers include breast lifts, breast augmentations and tummy tucks so getting a hysterectomy after the tummy tuck portion of the mommy makeover is not a good idea.  Having the hysterectomy before or during the mommy makeover is definitely doable.

The ‘top half’ of many mommy makeovers typically consists of a breast lift and augmentation (augmentation mastopexy).  This part is designed to correct the two most common changes that occur in breast appearance following pregnancy: loss of breast volume, and stretching out of the skin. While there are some moms who can get an acceptable cosmetic result from augmentation alone or from a breast lift alone, most of our moms in Kona and Honolulu have a combination of breast volume loss and skin excess that requires simultaneous procedures that fill and lift the breast.

When a woman needs to undergo a hysterectomy, it often represents the beginning of a new phase in their life. Most of these women hope to reverse the changes associated with pregnancy by undergoing a mommy makeover at the time of their hysterectomy.  When a hysterectomy is added to a mommy makeover, it does mean more time in the operating room.  So this may result in the procedure being done on an inpatient basis, as opposed to an outpatient basis. It’s also important to have good communication between your plastic surgeon and gynecologist so that the procedure is well-choreographed to minimize operating room time.

Again, the best results occur when the hysterectomy is performed before or during the mommy makeover, but not after.  Also, by removing the uterus (especially if it’s enlarged) at the time of the tummy tuck, it helps in flattening the abdomen.

Whether you are interested in having a mommy makeover with or without a hysterectomy, contacts us today to set up a consultation.  We happily care for many mommies all over the Honolulu, Kona and Maui areas and would be thrilled to help you in whatever way we can.  Contact us today!

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