Breast Augmentation Surgery – What To Expect from The Anesthesiologist (Breast Implants)

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Breast Augmentation Surgery – What To Expect from The Anesthesiologist (Breast Implants)

Jessica is almost ready to go in for breast augmentation surgery. She is getting between 500-550 cc silicone gel implants with board certified plastic surgeon, S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS. Before she goes in though, she must meet with Dr. Carson, the anesthesiologist who will be in the OR. Watch what a typical meeting with the anesthesiologist is like before surgery.

Video Transcript:
Dr. Carson; “I’m Dr. Carson, I’m going to be your anesthesiologist for today. And today’s the big day.” Jessica;”It sure is, it’s literally the big day.” Dr Carson; “Breast Augmentation, yeah?” Jessica; “Yes.” Dr. Carson; “Outstanding.” “And no breakfast for you this morning?” Jessica; “No.” Dr. Carson; “You don’t have any allergies to any medicines?” Jessica; “No.” Dr. Carson; “You’re not taking any medicines at home?” Jessica; “No.” Dr. Carson; “No over the counter medicines, herbal medicines, supplements, anything like that?” Jessica; “Some supplements.” Dr. Carson; “And no other medical issues that we haven’t talked about before this? No heart problems? No breathing problems?” Jessica; “Nope.” Dr. Carson; “Very good. And now this is your first surgery?” Jessica; “Yes.” Dr. Carson; “And no problems with any members of the family having problems with anesthesia?” Jessica; “I don’t think so.” Dr. Carson; “OK, very good. And you haven’t had a recent cough or cold with this wet weather?” Jessica; “Nope.” Dr. Carson; “And no problems with chronic heart burn or acid reflux?” Jessica; “Nope.” Dr. Carson; “Outstanding. Can you show me your teeth, just like this? Good. Say Ah, that’s perfect. And nice deep breath. Everything sounds perfect.” Jessica; “Good.” Dr. Carson; “All right young lady, your job today is going to be really easy. I’m going to give you some medicine in your IV, it does burn a little bit when it goes in there.” Jessica; “OK.” Dr. Carson; “But once it goes in, you’re right back out here and your boobs are bigger. It’s that fast and it’s that easy.” Jessica; “Awesome.” Dr. Carson; “I’ll give you a big dose of pain medicine and a big dose of anti nausea medicine right before you wake up. Sometimes you need that little extra bit as you’re waking up just to kind of make everything nice and smooth.” Jessica; “OK.” Dr. Carson; “The key thing is if you’re not feeling good just let us know. Jessica; “OK.” Dr. Carson; “You will feel very tight across the top of the chest and that’s normal. The important thing is it doesn’t affect your heart and it doesn’t affect your breathing. So if it’s uncomfortable, just let us know. It’s normal for it to be a little uncomfortable.” Jessica; “OK.” Dr. Carson; “Until those muscles get adjusted to their new positions inside there.” Jessica; “OK, perfect.” Dr. Carson; “So overall, it should be a pretty easy day for you today.” Jessica; “Yeah. Yeah.” Dr. Carson; “Now do you have any questions for me?” Jessica; “No, that was very informative. So, great.” Dr. Carson; “Outstanding. Well very good, I’ve got a cocktail waiting for you in there. We’ll see you in just a second.” Jessica; “OK, thank you.” Dr. Carson; “Thank you.”

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