Breast Augmentation Patient Answers FAQs About Surgery and Recovery

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Breast Augmentation Patient Answers FAQs About Surgery and Recovery

Honestly, I’ve wanted to have a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. As cliche as that is I have always thought of myself having bigger breasts and I just never had them. And so, it was something I’ve always had in my mind but never jumped on it whether I was waiting for a certain age, or what I was never comfortable enough to make it happen.

I knew that he was listening to me and I had that confidence in him and that faith or whatever you want to call it. But I’m so glad I did because I feel like if I’d said I want a C cup and then it came out not a C cup then you’re immediately setting yourself up for disappointment. And maybe the C cup isn’t even what I need to achieve the look I’m looking for. And so, yeah maybe it was a little unconventional but I told him I just want to look like “this” and he delivered it.

I was so excited and I was happy that my husband was finally on board. I probably would have done it anyways but it was nice to have him, him see what I have been wanting for so long. You know, he loves me and cares about me and he didn’t want me necessarily going under the knife. He saw, he saw it as kind of a superficial silly thing and I don’t think he understood like how much it really affected me emotionally, mentally like the psyche and all that until he saw my interaction with S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS. He was really sold at that point.

Going into surgery I was actually just excited. I wasn’t excited about waking up from surgery but I had really no nerves that morning I was just ready to get it done. Yeah I had no nerves, I was excited to get it done and even when I came in the next morning for the first check up I was sore but I was still really happy I’d done it.

I had, I had the boobie blues for like maybe a day. And it wasn’t necessarily regret it was shock and I think just that immediate change. You wake up and you’re totally different. Even though you want to be totally different, you’ve signed on for it it was just that initial shock. It was like, Ok, what did I just do? And then the swelling goes down and you, you know, you’re just so happy like everything, it was exactly what I wanted.

I’ve seen S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS at every follow up appointment and then the rest of the staff whose always taking care. Sometimes I went in for ultrasound which was awesome. It was so nice and relaxing. But other than that S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS was hands on, he made sure that everything was exactly how it was supposed to be at every follow up appointment. Which was awesome because he had been with me the whole way and it’s not like going to a nurse or, you know, a PA or something where you have to re-explain symptoms or anything like that.

My friends and family notice a difference. Physically yes, I, I do look different but I didn’t have to really do a lot of extra shopping. Like I just, I just fill out my clothes a little bit nicer. I just look better and I think the biggest difference that my husband in particular and close friends have noticed that I look different because my shoulders are back, I’m confident, I’m smiling. Not that I didn’t smile before but I’m just, I have a totally different aura about myself and they’ve noticed that and latched onto that change I think the biggest.

Do it. I would tell anybody that was on the fence or curious about it just if this is something you feel that you need, do it. Stop waiting. I waited. I was waiting, you know, until a certain age, or maybe I shouldn’t have it before kids or whatever and just do it. It, it changes not just your physical appearance but your confidence and your ability to care about yourself like you’re just so much happier about just day to day things and it sounds so superficial but it really isn’t when it affects you that deeply.

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