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Mommy Makeover Review – Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

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I love going to the beach. I love being outside. I love doing everything but unless it was just me and my kids I was very uncomfortable. I didn’t even want to be around my husband. I would sneak around the house and hurry up and jump in the shower, or if I changed somewhere, I would hide. That was the best thing for me is that I didn’t have to hide at all.

My name is Chelsie, and I had the Mommy Makeover. My doctor was Dr. Schlesinger, and I got my procedure done in the Mommy Makeover Institute of Honolulu.

So, I was on the fence about getting lipo and a tummy tuck all together. I was kind of on the fence about when I would get my breast augmentation. But after I came and saw how the whole Mommy Makeover comes together I couldn’t do just one piece I had to see. I was so excited just to see my total body transformation that I wanted to do it all.

At the beginning of the consultation process, I came in. It’s a calm place and a relaxed environment. I was comfortable about telling him what I wanted and just seeing it unfold from there, and I was really excited.

Post-op I feel like I can do anything I want to and I have no reason not to go. I feel like Dr. Schlesinger is a magician and I have a whole new outlook on life, I really do.

Breast Augmentation Patient Answers FAQs About Surgery and Recovery

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Honestly, I’ve wanted this procedure for as long as I can remember. As cliche as that is I have always thought of myself having bigger breasts and I just never had them. And so, it was something I’ve always had in my mind but never jumped on it whether I was waiting for a certain age, or what I was never comfortable enough to make it happen.

I knew that he was listening to me and I had that confidence in him and that faith or whatever you want to call it. But I’m so glad I did because I feel like if I’d said I want a C cup and then it came out not a C cup then you’re immediately setting yourself up for disappointment. And maybe the C cup isn’t even what I need to achieve the look I’m looking for. And so, yeah maybe it was a little unconventional but I told him I just want to look like “this” and he delivered it.

I was so excited and I was happy that my husband was finally on board. I probably would have done it anyways but it was nice to have him, him see what I have been wanting for so long. You know, he loves me and cares about me and he didn’t want me necessarily going under the knife. He saw, he saw it as kind of a superficial silly thing and I don’t think he understood like how much it really affected me emotionally, mentally like the psyche and all that until he saw my interaction with Dr. Schlesinger. He was really sold at that point.

Going into surgery I was actually just excited. I wasn’t excited about waking up from surgery but I had really no nerves that morning I was just ready to get it done. Yeah I had no nerves, I was excited to get it done and even when I came in the next morning for the first check up I was sore but I was still really happy I’d done it.

I had, I had the boobie blues for like maybe a day. And it wasn’t necessarily regret it was shock and I think just that immediate change. You wake up and you’re totally different. Even though you want to be totally different, you’ve signed on for it it was just that initial shock. It was like, Ok, what did I just do? And then the swelling goes down and you, you know, you’re just so happy like everything, it was exactly what I wanted.

I’ve seen Dr. Schlesinger at every follow up appointment and then the rest of the staff whose always taking care. Sometimes I went in for ultrasound which was awesome. It was so nice and relaxing. But other than that Dr. Schlesinger was hands on, he made sure that everything was exactly how it was supposed to be at every follow up appointment. Which was awesome because he had been with me the whole way and it’s not like going to a nurse or, you know, a PA or something where you have to re-explain symptoms or anything like that.

My friends and family notice a difference. Physically yes, I, I do look different but I didn’t have to really do a lot of extra shopping. Like I just, I just fill out my clothes a little bit nicer. I just look better and I think the biggest difference that my husband in particular and close friends have noticed that I look different because my shoulders are back, I’m confident, I’m smiling. Not that I didn’t smile before but I’m just, I have a totally different aura about myself and they’ve noticed that and latched onto that change I think the biggest.

Do it. I would tell anybody that was on the fence or curious about it just if this is something you feel that you need, do it. Stop waiting. I waited. I was waiting, you know, until a certain age, or maybe I shouldn’t have it before kids or whatever and just do it. It, it changes not just your physical appearance but your confidence and your ability to care about yourself like you’re just so much happier about just day to day things and it sounds so superficial but it really isn’t when it affects you that deeply.

Mommy Makeover Video Review (Breast Implants, Tummy Tuck, Ultimate Silhouettplasty®)

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I do definitely feel different. I will say in my running I don’t feel my stomach flapping around like it used to and the very first time I ran it was really different ’cause I was like, “Wow, I’m not used to my stomach being so tight and flat.” I don’t know, I’m just happier.

My name is Monica Nicole and I had the Mommy Makeover. My Doctor was Dr. Schlesinger and I had my procedure done at the Mommy Makeover Center.

The reason why I wanted to get it done is because I workout a lot. I lift weights and run and there was just a certain part of my stomach where the fat just wouldn’t go away. And I told my husband, I was like, “I really want to get a tummy tuck done.” So we just, I decided to do it while we were here in Hawaii.

I was self conscious, very. It really bothered me. I wasn’t able to wear a bikini even though my husband told me I looked great in one it was just I didn’t like the way I looked at the time. And it made me almost very depressed.

I felt when I came in for the consultation he made me feel very comfortable. My husband as well felt comfortable that he would keep me overnight and not release me the same day as my surgery.

I didn’t feel any pain. I thought I would but I didn’t. Any time I had an issue and my husband would text him he wouldn’t text him back, he would call him back. Like immediately and tell him, “OK, this is normal. Don’t worry about it.” And I think that’s why my husband was so impressed with him was because he always called back and he always called back within a few minutes of my husband sending him the text.

I have my self confidence is boosted. I don’t feel as tired as I used to. I used to feel tired a lot and I don’t know if that was just because I was overweight to begin with. But, I mean I feel much better now about myself. I just can’t get over how my stomach looks, so. It’s awesome.

I got great care, I mean even the night nurse. Everybody who was in the process of me having the surgery. I mean, it was great. The care was awesome.

Breast Implant Exchange to Inspira Implants with Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

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These are the style 20 silicone implants, very, very nice. We’ve used them for twenty years. To keep them from being firm they are under filled and so even, even though she has subcutaneous tissue when she leans forward because there’s fluid in there you can see, you can see rippling and so what we’re going to do is exchange these for the gummy bear implants which are semi solid and therefore they can’t ripple ’cause they don’t, there’s no flow pattern.

So what we’re first going to do is mark the incision. We have 550 cc implants in and we’re gonna go for 605 gummy bear. First, we make a 5cm incision right in the old incision from the previous transaxillary breast aug. Then we numb it up. Now she’s already asleep so that numbing it is not a necessary thing to do, however, the lidocaine also carries the epinephrine to decrease the bleeding and there are those that say even though you’re asleep your brain recognizes pain. And so, by numbing it we decrease the chance of any pain and therefore any memory.

And again, we’re gonna go in our old crease. And again, numbing it. With 1/2% lidocaine. 1:200,000 epinephrine. This is about 1/4 the strength of what the dentist uses in your mouth.

And this instrument helps us to spread tissue very nicely. And we’re aiming for the implant pocket which is right up here. And the iconoclast has an upward tilt so we can get up into staying well away from nerves, arteries and of course the lungs. We go right into the area where the implant is housed opening it from above.

And I’m in it. I feel the implant. So, now we’re going up in the armpit. There we are. Implant number one out. As you can see, at least right now, there is minimal to no bleeding.

And here’s the second pocket and we’re gonna open it again with a number 15. And of course, armpit scars don’t show. They’re amazing ’cause armpit lines are called Langer’s lines and they have very little to no tension at all. Less tension the less chance of scaring.

And here’s the second implant. Ok, so we’ve got…we’ve cleaned out the pockets, we’ve removed the old implants, we’ve got new implants ready to go.

Jason changes his gloves, I change mine.

605. Yep.

Isn’t the Keller Funnel amazing? This one’s a little tighter. This may be a little more exciting. 605 SCF as advertised. Wow, ain’t that amazing?

Back tab correct. Back tab correct.

With the bottom layer, we usually close with three stitches. Then we do a running intradermal stitch with 4-0 prolene. This one normally comes out at about five days.

We’re done. So this was an implant exchange. Went through the armpit. There was no scar on the armpit previously and there should be none now. Removed the other implant from the armpit put in a new implant into the armpit and did it in one hour.

Video Review of Breast Augmentation with Inspira Gummy Bear Implants

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I feel amazing today. I feel exactly how I was supposed to feel my entire life.

My name is Jessie and I had a breast augmentation. My doctor was Dr. Schlesinger and I had it done at the Breast Implant Center.

Dr. Schlesinger really did listen to what I wanted. I couldn’t even tell him the cup size because I had no idea. I just knew I wanted a certain feeling and this was how I wanted to feel in my body and he took that in and 100% delivered.

I do look different but I didn’t have to really do a lot of extra shopping, like I just, I just fill out my clothes a little bit nicer. I just look better and I think the biggest difference is that my husband in particular and close friends have noticed that I look different because my shoulders are back, I’m confident, I’m smiling. Not that I didn’t smile before but I’m just, I have a totally different aura about myself and they’ve noticed that and latched onto that change I think the biggest.

I would tell anybody that was on the fence or curious about it just, if this is something you feel that you need…do it. Stop waiting. I waited. I was waiting, you know, until a certain age or maybe I shouldn’t have it before kids or whatever and just do it.

It changes not just your physical appearance but your confidence and your ability to care about yourself. You’re so much happier about just day to day things and it sounds so superficial but it really isn’t when it affects you that deeply. It’s changing lives, it’s changed my life and all I can say is thank you.

Years ago, I wish I would have done this years ago.

Ultimate Silhouettplasty Testimonial Story Jessica

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I’ve had very few surgeries in my life. So, I’ve been pretty crazy healthy so this was definitely a total, total departure from my regular life.

I felt like everything was explained very well to me pre-op. I felt like any questions that I had were answered and frankly a lot of the questions I had were just answered in the paperwork that they go over.

You know, do all the blood work here. “Cause I was worried about that. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to have to find someone to do this for me. Just come to us and we’ll take care of you and answer any questions.

I felt as prepared as I could be. Still nervous, you know. I was nervous about, you know, what would the pain level be like? What would the recovery feel like? Honestly I was just so happy to be finally doing this. I’ll calm my fears and just go do it cause I can’t wait to get to the other side of it.

Well of course I woke up at the surgery center and I spent the night there. The first night. And my nurse was very sweet, did a great job, you know. My pain level never was that bad, you know. It always just felt like, like probably what it’s supposed to feel like this shouldn’t feel great because you just had a whole bunch of your stomach cut off. But it didn’t feel like, it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it possibly could.

I actually from the get go when I could see my stomach I was kind of like, this is really nice. This is gonna be really good. I could already tell pretty much that first moment waking up, this is going to be good. It is.

So that first night was fine. The nurse did a great job rotating me and everything. And then going home I had my, I had a little set up all ready for me there. So it was just straight into my electric recliner and just relaxed in there. And honestly in some respects it felt a little bit like a vacation ’cause I do have five kids and it was kind of nice to just be trapped in a chair. And my mom was there too so that helped a lot, you know.

I liked that right away, it was like, ‘Ok but you gotta come back. You can go home but you gotta come back. And then we’ll take the tubes out.’ So happy that everything came out a lot faster than like so many other reviewers. And stitches came out really fast too. So I just felt like, you know, healing wise everything actually happened fairly fast.

The only part that was a little frustrating was having to stay bent over for a longer period of time then I really wanted to. And then feeling like it took awhile to get all the way upright again. But, other than that, you know, I was just so happy with the way things were, I knew how it was going to be looking, like this is going to look really good. Looks a little sketch’ in the beginning. But I honestly don’t think I ever had a moment where I was like, I wish I hadn’t have done this. I feel like the whole time I was very glad that I did. Of course it’s benefitted by the fact that I didn’t have any infections, you know, everything healed very smoothly and just went along very well.

I had five babies, they were really big. Last guy was over ten pounds. I have like the worlds shortest torso so there was nowhere for them to go. I had stretch marks that went up high and now they were gonna be down low. There’s just no escaping it. You can’t literally turn back the clock. But he was honest and he’s like, ‘Look, you’re gonna have some of those stretch marks are gonna be at the bottom. I’m going to do the best I can to get this as low as possible and to get just as much of them gone as possible but that’s the reality.’

So I was like, “OK, thank you for being honest and I’m ok with that, you know.” It’s much better than saying, ‘You’re going to look amazing! Victoria’s Secret’s gonna be getting you’re phone number!’

It was another element of trust there. I’m going to tell you exactly what you can expect so you’re not surprised and your not disappointed. ‘Cause he doesn’t want you to be disappointed, he wants you to be happy. That’s important to him, I felt like you can tell that your happiness is very important to him.

I walked in here, I was a healthy mom of five. I could do most things that I wanted to do. Really the only thing that was lacking was I wanted to have the confidence in my body back. You could just like ice the cake ’cause everything else in my life is going good. I just want the icing. And I got it, I got the icing.

Video Review of Chin Augmentation with Voluma

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My first name’s Lexi and I had one syringe of Voluma in my chin.

You know, actually, I came in to find out about my underneath my chin. I didn’t like having the fat under my chin. It felt like it was fat under my chin. And instead of you know, it was ‘Can I get lipo? Can I get something right here? I hate that in photos.’ And he told me about actually just putting Voluma to actually bring everything up and out and it was a cheaper procedure and no bruising, no downtime. It was pretty life changing.

I would judge myself a lot in photos. I would look and see if there was anything that I didn’t like. I would always focus in on things that I didn’t like and this area was always the spot that I could always see if I was leaned back or a photo from like below. I always hated that. I was like wanting to do something drastic and he’s like you don’t have to do anything drastic, you really don’t. It just made me feel more comfortable to ’cause he could have sold me on getting something that I didn’t need.

It’s not noticeable. I mean my husband knows my face and he knows I was getting it done so when he got home he like grabbed it and he’s like, ‘Oh nice.’ But no you can’t, it’s not noticeable. It’s just there’s something like a little bit…I think it helps with your confidence. I think more than anything it’s just like is a confidence booster.

I’m really happy that I found this procedure because I plan on continuing. You know, I know it lasts two years but I plan on continuing to get it done. For sure.

I feel like this was the chin I was supposed to have. It’s so good, I know! I needed this.

My husband’s like, ‘I want one.’

Mommy Makeover & Ultimate Silhouettplasty Story

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We asked Jessica as many questions as we could that other patients have for us before plastic surgery. This is part one of two of our full interview with her. Questions include
1) Why did you choose a mommy makeover?
2) How did you find Dr. Schlesinger?
3) What made you choose Dr. Schlesinger?
4) Why did you decide to have the Ultimate Silhouettplasty®?

Jessica’s Mommy Makeover & Ultimate Silhouettplasty

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Jessica is a mother of five beautiful children. After her third child, she knew she would likely need surgery to get her body back to what it looked like before children. Now that her pregnancies are over and her youngest if five, she and her husband agreed this was the right time to consider surgery. After moving to Hawaii, she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Schlesinger and was thrilled to find out she was a candidate for the Ultimate Silhouettplasty®. Here is her story.

As moms, we put a lot, we sacrifice a lot in order to have children. And one of them is, you lay your body on the altar, it’s like, “I gave it all”. You take a shower, you’re going to see exactly the ravages that motherhood has waged on you. And there comes a point when you’re like, I’m ready to take something back so I don’t lose who I am. And to be able to look at your kids and be able to look at your body and not regret any of it, you know, that’s absolutely worth it.

I’m Jessica, and I had a Mommy Makeover at the Mommy Makeover Institute.

He wanted me to have the best result. This wasn’t about “come in here”, cha-ching, just another pay check. No, I really want to help people. I want to see myself making something beautiful, you know?

I would say that prior to the second surgery, I felt like I had improved drastically. That even if I didn’t have the second surgery, I would be pleased knowing how things turned out. But I did feel like it could get better. And I thought, OK, if it could get better, I’m in the right hands. for something to make it get better. I’m obviously in the right hands, he’s taken me this far and I feel like everything is just better than it’s ever been. I can’t imagine going to anyone else. I mean, he gives you his personal cell phone number. He’s like “You can call me”. I appreciate so much that I’m not alone in this. That I have a whole team of people that their job is to make sure that I have everything that I need in order to get to that point to everything healed, I”m happy. So just, thank you.

How Mommy Makeover Surgery Changed Tammy’s Life

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Tammy explains what happened not just physically, after her Mommy Makeover procedure but how it improved her relationship with her kids.

“The kids just noticed that I’m just, I’m happier and more…like I’ll play with them more outside like in the pool in a swimsuit, right. Because I’m not constantly worried. And I know this was an internal struggle that I had but because I’m not constantly worried with how I feel I look or how I feel other people feel I look.

We just, we just go on with life. It’s like it wasn’t even, it’s like the years before and all the worry and the stress and the self-consciousness that came from my stomach area is just…I feel like I’m…like I’m living life with them and it’s just, it’s great.”

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