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Why do I have dark spots on my face since I delivered my baby and what is the treatment for them?

The dark spots on your face after pregnancy are referred to as melasma or chloasma. They are hyperpigmentation of facial skin due to the hormones of pregnancy. These often come from the use of birth control pills as well. I have created a skin cream, made up by a compounding pharmacy on Oahu, which has been very successful in treating this problem in many of my Mommy Makeover patients.

If I have a labiaplasty, will there be a visual scar and will I lose sensation in that area?

The standard Mommy Makeover labiaplasty that I perform was first described by Dr. Gary Alter of Beverly Hills. I have done this operation on multiple occasions and have never seen any post-operative scars, and no patient has ever complained of any decreased or abnormal sensation.

I have heard it said there are four basic problems with the post pregnancy droopy breasts. Can you please tell me what these are and whether a Mommy Makeover breast lift can correct all of these?

The four basic problems in the post pregnancy droopy breast are: the areolar is too large, the areolar is too low, the breast hangs on the chest wall, and there is no fullness in the upper quadrant. The Mommy Makeover breast lift can correct the first three, but to get fullness in the upper quadrant, I always add in a subpectoral breast implant.

Is it true that a Mommy Makeover tummy tuck can help me with my lower back pain?

After pregnancy, most women have a separation of their abdominal muscles which does not allow normal functioning of the abdominal muscles. These muscles work in conjunction with the back muscles to keep us erect and help us carry on our daily activities. If the abdominal muscles do not work normally, the back muscles take up extra stress. Several good studies have shown that correction of abdominal muscle positioning improves or eliminates low back pain.

How can a Mommy Makeover get my pre-pregnancy waist back?

There are three basic elements in the tummy tuck portion of the Mommy Makeover that reconstruct and rejuvenate your waistline – muscle tightening, skin and fat resectioning, and liposuction.

In the Mommy Makeover, how many of my stretch marks can you remove during a tummy tuck procedures?

The amount of stretch marks that can be removed from your abdomen in a Mommy Makeover tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can be easily estimated. Lay down on your back, bring your knees up, and grasp your lower abdomen from the belly button to the pubic hair. Draw an ellipse coming to a point at either hip bone, and all stretch marks within that area should be eliminated in the standard abdominoplasty.

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