Alayna Asks if The Ultimate Silhouettplasty is Worth It?

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Alayna Asks if The Ultimate Silhouettplasty is Worth It?

Alayna: Do you feel like it made a big difference going from the first, cause right now I’m just like, how does it get better than what he’s already done? Because I’m like, “Wow, what a drastic change”, you know from looking at my before picture. I’m just like, I don’t remember being that girl and it’s only been two months. You know, like physically, and um I don’t see how he can make it better because I’m already like, “This is the bomb!” You know?

Others: I thought the exact same thing, but he does. He, he yes. It’s worth it? Oh my, yes! Yes! The second part’s worth it? Yes! It’s so worth it. Absolutely.

Sara: Well for me where he put the scar in, you know, you got where it kind of sticks up a little bit on either side. He definitely went in and smoothed that all out. I mean my scar is so minimal now. I mean it’s starting to fade out now where before it kind of poked up all the way around. He just smooths, I mean everything he does. If there is anything there, any mess, this is that moment where you’re going to get that finesse part and uh, you’re gonna be strong and it’s not bad at all. I mean I, it was tender on the skin you know, but just wear the garment he gives you and you’ll be fine.

Alayna: But nothing like the first time?

Others: No, you’ll be up you know you’ll feel more because your up and your doing things. You’re feeding the kids, your cooking dinner, before you were like…hunched over. No, you’re gonna be fine. Yes, you will feel it because you’re gonna be bumping into things and your gonna be kids are gonna grab you things like that but, you know, you’re gonna be fine.

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