Advice for A Friend Considering A Breast Augmentation

By Breast Implant Center of Hawaii

Advice for A Friend Considering A Breast Augmentation

Now that Gina has had a breast augmentation, she tells us what she would tell a friend considering a similar surgery.

Video Transcript:
Just go in, talk to the Dr. I actually have a friend I was talking with the other day and she was like, “would you be willing to come with me”? And I said, “Absolutely.” Because that’s what I had and just having someone who has been there and gone through the same thing really makes you feel so much more comfortable but it kind of allows for those doors to open and flow in just the right way that is right for that person and what their needs are. I tell everybody about Dr. S and I tell them to call the office and how you can get a consultation. He takes so much time with you and even if you are waiting for awhile in the waiting room it’s so worth it because he takes that same amount of time and quality of care with every single one of his patients and I truly believe that he really cares about every single one of us. That he knows he’s making a huge difference in our lives and I can speak for myself with that. I absolutely adore him, I’m so glad I came here.

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