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Liquid Facelift

If you are interested in shedding years off of your face and rejuvenating your appearance but without surgical procedures, a Liquid Facelift is likely just what you need. Recent technological advancements have given physician’s the ability to provide dramatic results without surgery in a completely outpatient setting. The combination of injectables such as Botox and Dysport, combined with fillers can have effects similar to that of a full facelift without the side effects.

Benefits of Liquid Facelift

A Liquid Facelift can restore lost volume, texture, shape and position to the face. With the correct treatment plan and combination of injectables, a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Larry Schlesinger can treat sagging facial features and rejuvenate a patient’s face. Ailments such as drooping eyebrows, sunken areas under the eyes, frown lines and flat cheeks can all be repaired with the a professional Liquid Facelift.

Best of all, a Liquid Facelift requires no anesthesia, stitches, scars, and you will be back to your daily activities in no time.


About Liquid Facelift

As we age, the skin and muscles in our face lose the elasticity that make us appear young. The good news is new technologies make it possible to restore a youthful appearance without surgery. Dr. Schlesinger is expertly familiar with all of the commonly available fillers today, including Juvederm (VOLUMA), Restylane, Radiesse, Kybella, Sculptra, and Perlane. After assessing your personal needs, Dr. Schlesinger chooses the perfect combination of fillers to best suit your needs. The combination of fillers will be unique to each patient.

If you’re not sure your vision for yourself can be met by a Liquid Facelift, Dr. Schlesinger can determine exactly what treatment you need. If your needs are better suited for a traditional facelift, Dr. Schlesinger is still expertly qualified to assist you.

Serving patients from Honolulu, Maui, Kona, Hilo, and across Hawaii, Dr. Schlesinger is the expert you need to address your non-surgical facelift needs.

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