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Breast Implant Revision in Honolulu, HI

Breast implant exchange is the process of removing breast implants and replacing them with brand new implants. There is a wide variety of reasons a breast augmentation patient might choose to undergo this procedure.

Hawaii breast implant exchange patients generally pursue the procedure because they want a change in implant size or style. In some cases, the procedure is performed due to an issue with the current implants.

Candidates for Breast Implant Exchange

  • Patients seeking a newer breast implant product that wasn’t previously available
  • Patients who develop scar tissue around their implant(s)
  • Patients seeking a solution to breast asymmetry after an initial breast augmentation
  • Patients with leaking saline breast implants

There are cases where a breast implant exchange is simply not possible, such as if there is an active infection near the implants, if the woman is pregnant or nursing, or if the patient has reduced blood flow.

About Breast Implant Exchange

The possible benefits and risks of breast implant exchange vary from patient to patient and depend on the individual’s reason for having the exchange. The most straightforward type of breast implant exchange is if the patient wants a new fill type (silicone or saline) or size. If the exchange is performed for another reason, the procedure can be more complex to ensure the eventual result is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

For most Hawaii breast implant exchange patients, Dr. Schlesinger is able to perform the operation through the original breast augmentation scar to minimize the amount of scarring. Generally the healing process after breast implant exchange is easier than after the initial breast augmentation. This is because the space is already created in the chest for the implant so the muscles go through less trauma.

If you are interested in a breast implant exchange for any reason, schedule a consultation with Dr. Schlesinger. He will explain every step of the process and make sure each patient receives the most individualized care possible.

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