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Jessica’s Breast Augmentation – Recovery and Life After Surgery

It’s been six weeks since Jessica had breast augmentation surgery. She shares what has changed in her life, whether she was able to achieve her goals of feeling more confident and feminine. She also talks about what recover was like at every week until today.

Jessica’s Breast Augmentation Post Op Instructions from Dr. Schlesinger – Hawaii

Jessica is still waking up from surgery. During that time her husband receives instructions for the next 1-3 days. This includes moving around, how to empty the drains, and what not to do. Video Transcription: “First 24 hours have her getting up, moving around promoting circulation in her legs is what we want her to […]

Breast Augmentation Surgery, Pt. 5 – Transaxillary Surgery Using a Keller Funnel

Breast Augmentation Surgery – Transaxillary Surgery Using a Keller Funnel, Hawaii with Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger at The Breast Implant Center of Hawaii, serving Oahu and Kona. Video Transcript: “Ok Jessica, we are all ready to go. You can give hugs and kisses on your way out. And Steve we’ll call you as soon as […]

Breast Augmentation Surgery – What To Expect from The Anesthesiologist (Breast Implants)

Jessica is almost ready to go in for breast augmentation surgery. She is getting between 500-550 cc silicone gel implants with board certified plastic surgeon, S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS. Before she goes in though, she must meet with Dr. Carson, the anesthesiologist who will be in the OR. Watch what a typical meeting with […]

Breast Augmentation Story Pt. 3 – Surgery Prep with S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

It’s the day of surgery for Jessica. Before she goes into the operating room, she meets with S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS, award-winning, board certified plastic surgeon in Hawaii. He uses a marker to identify incisions and answers any final questions to ensure Jessica feels ready. Video Transcript: Dr Schlesinger; “Morning Jessica.” Jessica; “Good morning.” […]

Breast Augmentation Video Story Part Two – Consultation with Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, Hawaii

What is breast augmentation surgery like? How are the implants put in? How often do I see you after surgery? When can I start working out again after my breast augmentation? What are any complications that could happen during a breast augmentation surgery? These questions and more are answered.

Breast Augmentation Story: Part One. Fitness Competitor, Model and Losing Her Eyesight

Follow Jessica’s journey as she gets a breast augmentation with Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon at the Breast Implant Center of Hawaii, serving Honolulu and Kona. Jessica is a fitness competitor and over the years as she has leaned out, she has lost most of her breasts. She wishes for a […]

Jessica Prepares for A Breast Augmentation – Journey Intro

“Massaging” Breast Implants

The term “massaging” is often used to describe the movement exercise we recommend our Honolulu clients do to reduce the chances of scar tissue tightening around their breast implants after breast augmentation.  This phenomenon, although rare, can occur when the body produces too much scar tissue (a.k.a. adhesions) around the breast implants because the body […]

Common Misconceptions about Breast Augmentation

There’s one thing for certain, here in Hawaii we’ve heard numerous misconceptions when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. Search the web and you’ll find loads of misinformation out there about the procedure.  Being a plastic surgeon and listening to our lovely Hawaii clients, I’ve decided to clear the air and give you the best […]