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Category Archives: Breast Augmentation

Part Two: Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery – Capsulopexy

In part one, Dr. Schlesinger explained the steps of the surgery, he removed the original implant, cut and raised the capsule and sized the lift. Now that the capsule is raised to the correct level, it’s time to reinforce the capsule with Seri, replace the implant, and then stitch her up. So we’re using Seri […]

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery Demo in Two Minutes

Dr. Schlesinger gives us a glimpse into breast augmentation revision surgery for a woman who wants to raise the right breast so they are even. Raising a breast capsule is called a capsulopexy.

Part One: Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery – Capsulopexy

S. Larry Schlesinger is performing a breast augmentation revision surgery so that both breasts are even. Over the course of healing, one breast settled lower than the other, so he is raising one side so they are even. In part one, Dr. Schlesinger removes the implant (he will replace this implant with a new one […]

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery Using Seri

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger walks us through what surgery is like during a breast augmentation surgery. He shows the process from beginning to end: the incision, the removal of the implant, raising the capsule, adding Seri for support (to act like a hammock), cleaning the pocket, adding a new breast implant in using a Keller […]

Capsular Contracture from Bacteria and Why Keller Funnel Helps

What does non-pathogenic bacteria mean? Well, there are two kinds of bacteria. There are bacteria that that will attack us and injure us as living organisms and there are bacteria that we live in a symbiotic relationship with and we need them. Non-pathogenic bacteria, especially the bacteria on our skin are bacteria that populated our […]

SERI for Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Revision

Seri is a new material created for women undergoing breast lift and breast augmentation revision surgeries. Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Honolulu and Kona, Hawaii explains what it is, how it’s used and what he thinks of this new material for plastic surgery patients. Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Larry […]

Dr. Schlesinger Explains the Keller Funnel for Breast Augmentation with Video Demo

Breast Augmentation Review (Breast Implants) for Hawaii Plastic Surgeon

Jamie shares why she wanted a breast augmentation, how she found Dr. Schlesinger, what recovery was really like and how she feels after surgery.

Abdominal Liposuction Review from Kona Patient

When Jamie came into some extra money, she schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Schlesinger for both Breast Augmentation (with silicone implants, under the muscle) and abdominal liposuction to give her more of a silhouette waistline. In this video, Jamie shares what she loves about her liposuction procedure and what she has noticed the most […]

Mommy Makeover Review – Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation in Hawaii

After having three children, Yakelin was ready to get her body back. Yakelin shares how she found Dr. Schlesinger, what made him stand out as a Hawaii plastic surgeon, and what she thinks of her post-surgery body.