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Category Archives: Breast Augmentation

What Was Surgery Like?

Gina shares what the day of breast augmentation surgery was like for her. Video transcript: I felt really prepared which was a big deal for me. I think if I hadn’t had all my ducks in a line I would have been going insane. But it was nice we were ready, packed, my friend came, […]

What Was The Day After Surgery Like?

Gina shares what the day after surgery was like as well as her follow-up appointments. I was overwhelmed with joy. I was like, “Oh my gosh I have boobs!” I was so excited and he would not let me look until after a few after he did a few things first and kind of made […]

Advice for A Friend Considering A Breast Augmentation

Now that Gina has had a breast augmentation, she tells us what she would tell a friend considering a similar surgery. Video Transcript: Just go in, talk to the Dr. I actually have a friend I was talking with the other day and she was like, “would you be willing to come with me”? And […]

Breast Augmentation Consultation Experience

Gina shares her consultation experience with Dr. S. Larry Schesinger. A board certified plastic surgeon in Honolulu, Hawaii. Video Transcript: I was extremely nervous. My friend had gone through this before and she was very encouraging and reminded me that this is what you want. You have to start somewhere, and don’t be embarrassed. Never […]

Why a Breast Augmentation Changed My Life

Gina had heard people say that plastic surgery changed their life but she was always skeptical. Now two months post op, she shares how her surgery changed her life and why she gets it now. Video transcript: I can honestly say when I would read things like that online, “this breast augmentation changed my life”, […]

Military Wife Shares Her Story. Hawaii Plastic Surgery

Gina explains why she chose to get a breast augmentation, what her experience was like and how her husband reacted when he got home from deployment. Video Transcript From the beginning he was like, “I love you the way you are, you don’t need to do anything to yourself” and I’m like, “but you know, […]

Why Phyllis Had Breast Augmentation – Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger

Phyllis had small breasts for most of her life. She finally made the appointment to change her body and her confidence. Video Transcript: My name is Phyllis and I had breast augmentation. All my life, I had had very small breasts. I had been self-conscious. My second marriage, my husband, it was very obvious, he […]

Part Two: Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery – Capsulopexy

In part one, Dr. Schlesinger explained the steps of the surgery, he removed the original implant, cut and raised the capsule and sized the lift. Now that the capsule is raised to the correct level, it’s time to reinforce the capsule with Seri, replace the implant, and then stitch her up. So we’re using Seri […]

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery Demo in Two Minutes

Dr. Schlesinger gives us a glimpse into breast augmentation revision surgery for a woman who wants to raise the right breast so they are even. Raising a breast capsule is called a capsulopexy.

Part One: Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery – Capsulopexy

S. Larry Schlesinger is performing a breast augmentation revision surgery so that both breasts are even. Over the course of healing, one breast settled lower than the other, so he is raising one side so they are even. In part one, Dr. Schlesinger removes the implant (he will replace this implant with a new one […]