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Why I Neither Believe In Nor Use Textured Implants

Textured breast implants appeared on the American breast implant market scene in the early ‘90’s.  The theory that was proposed at that time was that the texturing (little bumps on the surface of the implants) would cause the body to form a scar around each one of these little bumps.  Theoretically, these individual scars would […]

3 Reasons Dr. Larry Schlesinger should be your Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to being a plastic surgery patient, there is really no more important task than choosing your plastic surgeon. With all of the different plastic surgeons who offer breast implants and breast augmentation in Kona it could become a very daunting task as well. Lucky for you this blog is going to make […]

Should I get my Breast Implants Before or After my Pregnancy?

One of the main questions asked by potential Hawaii breast implant patients is whether or not they should wait until after child birth to get their breast implants, or if it is okay to just go ahead and have the procedure done before pregnancy. Although there is no “one size fits all” answer, there are […]

Capsular Contracture Series – Part 3

The leading cause of capsular contractures after a breast augmentation is the dentist. The above comment should seem so obtuse as to help everyone reading this article to remember this. I was taught in medical school that the human mouth contains some very nasty bacteria, and if this bacteria gets into our system can lead […]

Capsular Contracture Series – Part 2

Continuing our series on Capsular Contractures after breast implants in Honolulu, the #2 way or the second most common way to create hard breasts after a breast augmentation is for the surgeon to allow non-pathogenic bacteria (i.e. skin bacteria) to get into the capsular pocket around a breast implant. Up until a few years ago, […]

Easy Ways to Increase your Bust

When trying to increase your bust size let’s admit it, as women we have tried or know someone who has tried it all! From the mystery pills and creams to stuffing and doubling up on bras, we are willing to do anything to help fill a blouse out nicely. Obviously only option 5 of the […]

Capsular Contracture Series – Part 1

All breast implants, once placed in the body, get a capsule made up of scar tissue surrounding the implants. This scar tissue is meant to protect you, the organism, from the breast implant, the invader. If the capsule is thin and loose, then your breast implants jiggle and your breasts are soft and natural. On […]

Things to Consider When Considering Breast Augmentation in Hawaii

Breast augmentation (enhancing the breast with implantation) is a popular procedure here in the islands of Hawaii and worldwide.  Getting breast implants is a very personal decision and if you are considering enhancing the size and look of your breasts or want to reconstruct your breast(s) after surgery from cancer or trauma, there are a […]

Is Breast Feeding Possible after Breast Surgery?

Many women wonder if it’s possible to breastfeed after having breast surgery.  Whether the surgery is a breast augmentation with breast implants or breast reduction and reconstruction, it’s not uncommon for us to get asked whether the breasts will produce enough milk for the baby.  Breastfeeding is possible after breast implants, other forms of breast […]

Do I Need a Lift or an Augmentation?

At what point do you know if your breast needs a simple lift, an augmentation, or a combination of the two?  Some woman experience drooping or sagging breast while others have lost the “full” look they long for.  This could be due to pregnancy, weight loss, age, or simply gravity. Bottom line is, if these […]