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Video Journey: Breast Lift, Reduction and Augmentation – Part I

Dee never thought she would get plastic surgery but after breast feeding two children, weight loss and time, she realized they were not going back to the way they were. She does not want 25 year old boobs but rather a natural and even look that she can confidently take to the beach.

Tuberous Breasts Journey Finale with Beatrice

In the fourth and final installment of Beatriz’s journey to correct tuberous breasts, she tells us how happy she is with her results and how well-received the outcome has been by her friends and family. She finally has the body and the confidence she has always wanted. Video Transcript: It has been approximately two months […]

Keller Funnel Demo for Breast Augmentation – Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger in Honolulu, HI

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger explains why sterile insertion of the implant through the Keller Funnel helps prevent capsular contracture (scar tissue which may cause the breasts to harden). Video Transcript: So when we open the implant, it gets passed sterilely from the implant box directly into the Keller Funnel and then the Keller Funnel is […]

Tuberous Breast Surgery in Four Minutes – Hawaii Plastic Surgery

Video Transcript: When we get in, since the breast tissue is constricted, we’re going to cut it in five places and we’re going to do it both here on this one and closer to the nipple areola complex on this one. And at the same time as we’re doing that, we’re also going to do […]

Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breasts, Part Three, Surgery

In the part three of Beatriz’s journey, we go into the operating room. Beatriz has tuberous breasts so she needs to have special work done to reshape the breasts, including a lift and dermal sutures. In addition to reshaping breasts, she is having a breast augmentation for fullness and cleavage. All breast augmentations include liposuction […]

Tuberous Breasts Video Journey, Part Two, Surgery Prep

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger meets with tuberous breast patient, Beatriz, to prep for surgery. Beatriz will have her tuberous breasts corrected along with a breast augmentation. Dr. Schlesinger meticulously explains each step of her surgery and ensures Beatriz is comfortable with the game plan and ready to proceed. Video Transcript: Dr. S: How are you? […]

Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breasts – Video Journey Part One – Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger

Beatriz talks about choosing Dr. Schlesinger for breast augmentation surgery. She grew knowing here breasts were different from her peers, but learned that her tuberous breasts were the result of stunted breast development. Video Transcript: My name is Beatriz and I am seeing Dr. Schlesinger for a breast augmentation. I noticed my breasts were different […]

Boobie Blues Story – Recovery from Breast Augmentation Can Be Emotional

Sheri tells her story through breast augmentation recovery…and even though she was prepared for “boobie blues” she was surprised she experienced it. Sheri was done having children and had been looking forward to the day when she got her breasts done. She had done her research, she felt confident in her surgeon and was excited […]

Phyllis Meets Another Plastic Surgeon – What He Says About Her Breast Augmentation

Phyllis was accompanying a friend to visit a plastic surgeon and he was very impressed when he saw the breast augmentation she received from Dr. Larry Schlesinger. He described it as some of the best work he’s seen. Video Transcript: She had told him that I had had breast augmentation done, so when we went […]

Jessica’s Breast Augmentation – Recovery and Life After Surgery

It’s been six weeks since Jessica had breast augmentation surgery. She shares what has changed in her life, whether she was able to achieve her goals of feeling more confident and feminine. She also talks about what recover was like at every week until today.